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“Erica helped me acquire my lifetime dream home!!!! She was patient, knowledgeable, and persistent with my nonnegotiable list navigating me to the home I was supposed to have and desired. When the going got tough in this market, Erica was my best advocate and closed on my dream home.”

-Andrea Sims-

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It is so easy to be overwhelmed with buying or selling a home. You might need to buy a your first home, move into a larger home, or have your eyes on a better neighborhood. I have so many options to help you get the home you can afford and then turn it into the home you love. I will help you with all of the decisions you will face so that in the end you will have a home you can love. Everyone's financial situation and life goals are unique so let's figure out what works best for you.

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There are a lot of secrets you need to know before you decide to build a brand new home.

“Erica kept us focused on our priorities. She got us into a great neighborhood and helped us through some renovations. I wish she had helped us purchase our first home because we would have made some very different choices.”

-Ann Isley-

what my clients say about me

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Finding a home you can afford can be one of the most important financial decisions  you make.  Making it the home you love can be one of the most rewarding things you do. Whether it is your first home, you're moving up to something bigger and better or you want to build a new home it is important that you understand all of the decisions you have to make so that you end up with a home you love. I understand that everyone's situation is unique and I am happy to figure out the best options and possibilities with you. 

Hi, I’m Erica, and I help you buy the house you can afford & make it a home you love. 

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